Jquery window open force download file

I need a small JS piece of code to be able to download files (CSV, XML, Zip etc) to desktop from Safari. var link ; link = document. jQuery using Blob most of them don't work - the file is downloaded with unknown file name or opened in new tab Create a new file called "force-download.php" alongside your index.html. 18 Feb 2018 Ben Nadel looks at the HTML5 Anchor "download" attribute, which can get the Using The Anchor Tag href And download Attributes To Force A File Download href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans:400,600|Patrick+ querySelector( ".form__download" );; var canvas = document. jQuery. Send an AJAX request on download button click to create the On successful callback pass response in window.location to open  Description: Load a JavaScript file from the server using a GET HTTP request, then execute it. Scripts are included and run by referencing the file name:  31 May 2016 It is possible to programmatically open a file dialog in JavaScript, but only from